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Your Questions!

Q1. Are Solar Water Heating Systems expensive?

Solar Water Heating Systems/Solar Water Heaters have a bigger initial cost comparative to conventional electric geysers but there is no recurring cost of electrical bills and a typical solar heater reaches breakeven in 2 to 3 years.

Q2.What is the life of a Solar Water Heater/Solar Water Heating System?

A good quality Solar Water Heater has a life of 15 to 20 years. Flat Plate Solar Heaters have longer life than Evacuated Tube type Solar Heater.

Q3. What if there are foggy days or cloudy days?

A good quality Solar Water Heater works in ambient sun light too. For rare foggy or cloudy days there is an electrical back up in our EMMVEE solar water heating system which can be used in case of emergency. This electrical back up can also be used when the usage of hot water on a particular day has been more than usual and we still require more hot water.

Q4.Does a Solar Water Heating System work if we have hard water?

EMMVEE Solar Water Heaters come in 3 models for varied hardness of water. For soft water Solarizer Value is used. Solarizer Spring is used for harder water and for extremely hard water Solarizer Ultra is used.

Q5.How much money can we save with Solar Water Heater?

Savings through Solar Water Heater/Solar water Heating Systems depend on 2 factors, first the other source of heating water for comparison and second the number of days in a year for which hot water is required.
For domestic usage or homes the return on investment usually comes in 2 -3 years. A house with 3 electrical geysers with a usage of 100 days in a year can save Rs. 9000 per year.
Solar Water Heating System used for Hotels or Resorts show a better return on investment despite bigger initial cost. Usually the breakeven is reached in less than 16 months.

Q6. Where can we use Solar Water Heater/Solar Water Heating Systems?

Solar Water Heater/Solar Water Heating Systems can be used everywhere where hot water is required.
• Solar Water Heaters for Homes
• Solar Water Heaters for Hotels
• Solar Water Heaters for Resorts/Swimming pools
• Solar Water Heaters for Hospitals
• Solar Water Heaters for Hostels

Q7.Is there a specific direction to install the Solar Water Heater?

Solar Water Heater needs to be installed with basic directions
• The cold water tank should be at least 1.5 feet higher than Solar Water Heater Tank
• The angle at which the heat plates are inclined is as per the location (latitude/longitude of the place)
• The direction to face the sun depends on which hemisphere the installation is done. For India being in Northern hemisphere the Solar water heater should face South.

Q8.How much space is required to install Solar Water Heater?

A Solar Water Heater for Home (capacity 200 LPD) needs around 3 sq. meter space with direct sunlight.

Q9.What if there is not enough space to install Solar Water Heater?

In case there is a space constraint, Heat Pump water heaters can be used.

Q10.Is there a subsidy on Solar Water Heater?

MNRE discontinued the subsidy on Solar Water Heater w.e.f. 1/10/2014.

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